Check out this hot-shot costume for your best friend!

Meet the best Pug-Kin basketball player in the North Sore. This Pug-kin is ready for the game this Halloween. He’s intimidating but friendly, tough but entertaining, chiseled but cuddly, a real “Guy on 41” kinda pug. He wears a cool team shirt, travels, and despite both a severe drooling problem and no opposable thumbs, runs his own outdoor game with the top of the line Basketball Unit ( Hoopworks of course) ! We applaud both his resilience and ability slam dunk even at his short height of just 2’ when standing tall.  

If you want to get in the game this fall come on down to the “Guy on 41” to get your top of the line Basketball systems. We are here to help you find the right one for your family including any sporty pets! 


if you want to get it :) Top Paw Basketball Player Costume, $13.59;

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